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Solid insulation ring main unit description
  Release Date:2015-01-01 17:29:32
Currently, intelligent power grid, including automation of power generation, transformation, distribution and dispatching, is under construction. As an important part in the power distribution and dispatching, gas insulated switchgear plays an significant role in the power distribution automation. On that account, Tenlee Electric Group develops an intelligent switchgear, which can meter, signal, control remotely and communicate well with superior dispatching apartments and subordinate low voltage power consumption. It is an crucial link to realize automation.
1. It is known for high operation safety. Standard type with two to six units or extendable type are optional. 
2. All the material are environmental friendly, except SF6.
3. All the primary electrical part and mechanical part are totally enclosed in a metal enclosure to be protected from environmental influence, such as dust, humidity. 
4. Extendable type is available for further line extension and metering function increase. 
5. It can be used in complete automation power network. 


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